Team Coaching Process

For every call your team brings one tangible team/business goal/issue that you will work through, and one team dynamic that you would like to develop.

A large chunk of the call will be dedicated to your team working the goal/issue, and Georg will coach you in the process of this.

Team Coaching Action Meeting Structure
Why is this programme a subscription?

Team Coaching is a process and even especially the best teams still get coaching. Usually this process takes a minimum of 4 months to show good results.

A subscription approach gives you control over the frequency of working with Georg as your team coach. Initially you might feel like you want to have more frequent team coaching action meetings (e.g. weekly), and then you might want to switch to different frequency.

You can change the frequency of the subscription any time through the link in the purchase and invoice emails.

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"I learned what it takes to create a truly fulfilling and effective way of working and haven't looked back. If you have a chance to work with Georg, absolutely go for it - I hope to be lucky enough to do it again."

Ayesha Moarif
Head of Product & Services

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